Spring Forward Like Pacman



Never give up.

What a busy winter season. Holiday crush, end of year rush always has me looking forward to Q2 on the calendar. It’s Spring time and love of fresh tech startups is in the air with all the conferences, including South by Southwest and the inaugural Big Kansas City.

The picture you see is courtesy of one of my favorite blogs, Austin, Texas Daily Photo. The caption says it all. Go for the Pacman food, and don’t look back.

Time to recap and get this blog revving again…

I spent a considerable amount of writing bandwidth on my contributions to Entrepreneurs Unpluggd. They share entrepreneurs’ stories and advice to help you build your startup. Check out some of my work there:

South by Southwest
Checked in at “halftime” on Sunday, just in time for a solid three-day plan of tech parties, customer meetings, and the usual serendipity. Brief rundown:

  • #ShowMeSXSW
  • Paid a total of $7 for parking, not bad if you’re with car in ATX during SXSW.
  • SoCo, Joe’s, Annie’s, food truckology, and so forth.
  • Hung out with The Real Lean Startup
  • Badgeless with purpose in the Hilton lobbies
  • Ate a Casino El Camino burger and saw some Music + Film (thanks Kate!)
  • Met Bing Gordon on 6th Street (thanks to Jeff)
  • Hosted a kick-ass party with SquareOffs

I made a few “Un-Predictions” for 2013. Things that won’t change…
Brandifying, Google Plush, Byte Sizing, 2xfoursquare, Impressions, KISS

Tao of Bhanu Returns
Not only did he bust this blog’s record for Facebook likes, but he wrote another impassioned post on startups. Startup Investments and E-Commerce asks some tough questions on funding and urges tech entrepreneurs to take a pledge.

And finally…


All the way from Columbus.

Sometimes the best offense IS a good offense.

Congrats to the Louisville Cardinals for outlasting the amazingly talented scoring machine of the Michigan Wolverines. This game, this Final Four (Shockers) and tourney was everything the Spring Classic should always be — Competition + Class — and one to remember.



The 4-Hour Startup Party


Time to review the month and look ahead…

Unfrazzling our connected lives
We’ve been down on email lately. The whole push game has jumped the shark. But we’re optimistic that email as we know will get a rework someday. And for that reason we’re giving it some healthy Inbox Love.

Tao of Bhanu
Bhanu Prasad Madala was back again this month and earned reader favorite status with his post. He shares a recent exchange he had with a startup founder. Managing Money, People and Yourself as Founder offers advice on keeping your company and code afloat while surviving the #startuplife.

The 4-Hour Startup Party
Dude, seriously, how many of these parties are you hitting in a week?  Write code, talk to customers. There will always be a startup party to go to…tomorrow. In the meantime, Let’s Sprint, Then Party.

Windows 8 was released.
We had way too much fun with this zany video while getting hyped up for Redmond’s big release. It’s good to see MSFT getting some legs in the market. They also did something with their code base that’s very interesting and a lesson for life. More on that in a future post.

You’re due for maintenance.
So you crushed that redesign, congratulations. Guess what? Your Redesign Just Failed. And we have the proof!

Crack Your Creative Code
What’s standing between you and your creative potential? Connecting a few dots. Give yourself permission to unleash the creativity within. If you find yourself moving in your career or building a company, this post is especially for you.

Our feed is humming on the Alltop Entrepreneurship channel. We also debuted this month on Entrepreneurs Unpluggd with exclusive content. Check out 2 Must-Have Habits for High Value Networking. Next month we’ll talk Ground Game, Branding, and do some #sxswi reconnaissance.

Stop Fumbling, Start Launching


Time to review the month and look ahead…

When it’s all good news.
We started the month with a more tech focused topic, specifically on startup ideas. The Ice Field of Ideas is about trying to operate in a no BS zone while developing and socializing your idea within and across your support networks. We bought the founder a beer, offered up a little reality check and then showed him a video of one passionate Yankees fan. Who is your harshest critic? And do they have a seat at your table?

Just in time for football season…
We related the concept of “clock recognition” to how we communicate when things are going seemingly well in your business and personal relationships. Think about all the times something went sideways and you wished you had done a little Courageous Communication. Was there something of value at risk but you failed to speak up?

Do what’s right and the money will follow.
That’s the message from contributor Bhanu Prasad Madala, CEO at Ruby Software Kitchens. Bhanu writes about having success as a person first in business. He draws on his experiences as an entrepreneur and explains how focusing on quality and relationships can achieve great things in business.

I sold a domain name.
True story. But what made it worth writing about was how it reminded me of the last time when I got it all wrong. This is a story about attitude, grace, the NBA, and giving it away. And maybe a little redemption for the soul too.

Stop fumbling, start launching.
We head South to Austin for a startup series by contributor Nichole Carlson. In this installment, she gives us a starting point for how to get started with your new business idea. Get some clarity first by finding a mold, then a platform, then a sales approach.

Do informal awesomely.
Get Unplugged in Your Presentation is about presenting material as if your audience are all VIPs in attendance, friends of the band, listening to your acoustic performance at the afterparty. A few tips and a little inspiration on rocking out your content…unplugged.

iPhone 5 was released.
I did not buy one.

The importance of a deep bench.
It’s a metaphor for preparing yourself to overcome some of life’s greatest challenges. We talk X’s and Y’s, change-ups and lynchpins. Can you break that nagging cycle? How Deep is Your Bench?

You can now find us on Alltop Entrepreneurship. Next month we’ll tackle Inboxes, Redesigns, and Windows 8.